Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Scientists and engineers in PLS work alongside their peers in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) and Engineering directorates to develop equipment, processes, and procedures needed to field experiments on NIF. New target materials and target diagnostics are assessed for their impact on operational cleanliness. PLS scientists and engineers play a critical role in designing, commissioning and enhancing capabilities for target gas fill and cryogenic target positioning/layering systems and as well as provide expertise to enable fielding new experiments on NIF. A novel rapid assessment capability for beryllium dispersion has enabled incorporation of beryllium targets and diagnostics into routine NIF operations while maintaining personnel safety and high shot rate.

Automated analyzer that processes swipes and air filters to assess levels of beryllium in the NIF target chamber. The instrument analyzes 76 samples in 2 hours.

Gas fill and layering process for a NIF ignition target shot
(lifecycle follows counter-clockwise from upper left).

Tritium purification and deuterium-tritium gas mixing system at the Tritium Facility.

A magnetic sector gas mass spectrometer is used to measure the composition and impurities in deuterium, tritium, and protium gas mixtures used in filling NIF fuel capsules.